Afrobeat Instrumental: Vibez on Vibez Burna Boy type prod by Workwithwhimzy


“Vibez on Vibez,” an Afrobeat instrumental produced by Workwithwhimzy, channels the infectious rhythms of Davido and the fiery energy of Burna Boy.

This track is a captivating blend of pulsating beats and melodic hooks, creating a sonic journey that transports listeners to the heart of Afrobeat’s vibrant world.

With its Davido and Burna Boy type beat, “Vibez on Vibez” offers a canvas for artists to craft their lyrical stories and melodies.

It’s a testament to the genre’s versatility, encouraging creativity and musical exploration.

Whether you’re a seasoned artist or an emerging talent, this instrumental is a musical playground where you can add your unique voice to the rich tapestry of Afrobeat.

“Vibez on Vibez” is more than just a beat; it’s an invitation to join the rhythm and create your own sonic masterpiece.





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