Don’t pay to money promote your music, here is what to do to blow up


Hi guys it may literally look awkward when I say you don’t need to pay money to promote your music, I know you wonder how do you promote without funds?.

Promoting your music after release is the biggest part of your creativity, it’s even bigger than your career, it may sound awkward but the sound you recorded may even end up only in the ears of your family and friends.

After reading this post you may find out reason you should not pay a dime to promote your music.

what you actually need is a good music hard working and dedication.

After you have made a good music what Next?

Making a good music is the first step getting it to the digital stores is the next and then what next? Here is where the light 💡 always went off. 

Some of the artists has stopped at this point Hoping to wake up and see 1Million streams one day, it never happened so they eventually gave up at the End.

They do forget that it’s the starting point, so most of the artists quite at the starting point it’s so unfortunate.

Facebook Reels and YouTube Shorts

what if I tell you that creating Facebook Reels will push your music to another level Facebook Reels are a great tool especially if there is Creativity on the Video.

here is what I meant by Creativity a little of two or three people dancing or dancing  to your new track or acting, Facebook will see it as entertaining video and promote the videos..

I meant being a Creator Yes for the sake of your music career become a creator, creating short videos and putting your music on the background is a top notch tool to promote your music without paying.

Just create a video and Then share it on your Social media platforms be it X/twitter, Facebook, TikTok or YouTube let’s drive in to stardom.

kindly note that the strategy stated on this article is not the only way to promote your music you may need to figure out another ways of promoting your music without paying a dime.


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