Top 5 hot afrobeat instrumental for free download


Here you will see top 5 hot and fire afrobeat instrumental that is available for free download, it’s for artists who has potential to work and make something out of thier career.

this post will feature not just top 5 but tracks that we feel like that will bring limelight to your music career.

the tracks that was included in this selection is based on our staff hard experience and expertise.

1) Redemption by Alvin Brown

This beat is a hot track by Alvin Brown beat, it features interesting kicks and more especially well mixed snare and total sound

Get Redemption By Alvin Brown

2) Elevator by Emino

we give you elevator by Emino it’s an Oxlade type beat a cool Afrobeat and Afropop sound that will be used to create something great

Get Elevator by Emino 

3) Omo Lewa by WowkwithWhimzy

Here is a hard hit afrobeat instrumental it’s a fela Anikulapo Kuti and Wizkid type of beat, it has a hard strong kick and nice melody

Get Omo Lewa by WowkwithWhimzy 

4) Ta Ta by Zena

here is another hard hit afrobeat instrumental by Sena the truth I love Zena sounds and he mixed to a perfect taste and cool.

Get Ta Ta by Zena 

5). Sade by Alvin Brown

The last but not the least today is Sade by Alvin Brown beats, he made this beat with full carefulness and I think there is too much effort on creating something so real here.

Get Sade by Alvin Brown 

Thanks for coming along all this way hope you have a wonderful day and enjoy creating Music.



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