Download Freebeat: Fine pass BNXN (Buju) type prod by WorkwithWhimzy


In the ever-evolving realm of Afrobeat music, WorkwithWhimzy has struck a chord with the release of “Fine Pass,” an instrumental track that resonates with the style of artists like BNXN and Davido.

This Afrobeat gem weaves together infectious rhythms, melodic hooks, and vibrant instrumentation, creating a sonic journey that’s impossible to resist.

“Fine Pass” is a testament to WorkwithWhimzy’s production prowess, delivering a beat that’s both contemporary and rich in the Afrobeat tradition.

Its energetic groove and evocative melodies provide the perfect backdrop for lyrical storytelling and creative expression.

With the potential to inspire artists and creators, “Fine Pass” is a versatile canvas waiting to be painted with words and melodies.

Whether you’re an aspiring musician looking for inspiration or a producer seeking the next big hit, this instrumental offers boundless possibilities.

As “Fine Pass” continues to make its mark in the Afrobeat scene, it exemplifies the genre’s global appeal and its ability to bring people together through the universal language of music.

WorkwithWhimzy’s dedication to crafting such captivating instrumentals ensures that the Afrobeat tradition stays alive and vibrant, ready to ignite the creative sparks of future artists.



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